About Camie & Autumn Moons Studio

I'm Camie, the content creator and artist behind Autumn Moons Studio. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Gab and our gray cat Salem. You'll often find me practicing witchcraft and tarot, learning french, traveling whenever I can, (trying not to) collecting vintage things, learning about history and any topic I come across that interests me.
I created Autumn Moons Studio as another creative outlet after content creating and ~influencing~ on the internet since forever. Despite 2020 being trash fire, I woke up one day in January and decided I was ready for a new chapter in my life and so Autumn Moons Studio was born. I enjoy making things with my hands, and on here you'll find stuff I've drawn, painted, and handcrafted myself. 
Have a look around & I hope you see something you like. If you're keen for more content you can join me on Patreon where I share exclusive behind-the-scenes content in my art studio, vlogs, tutorials, livestreams, and more. See you there!