Handmade Watercolor Journals

I’ve always had a love for vintage things, so when I saw vintage book covers being turned into clipboards by a shop at Brooklyn Flea, it made me wonder what else I could do with them. I’ve always hated how most watercolor journals look, usually just a solid color & not much character to it, so I decided to make my own and realized the vintage book covers would be perfect for them. What started out as a personal DIY project is now something I make in my spare time to share with you. These handmade watercolor journals are lovingly made by yours truly using carefully chosen vintage/antique book covers and hand-bound Fabriano 300gsm watercolor paper with deckled edges. This journal is perfect for sketching, painting, journaling, and is light & just the right size to travel around with for on the go journaling. Each watercolor journal is unique to itself as most of these books are no longer in production, making it one of a kind & only for you. 

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